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Tricitizens of Tricity
" Today they say, it is a consumer's world ". Then how come we room seekers have been left behind. Why do we have to call up home owners to look for accommodation? Why don’t they run after us?
Because we did not have an address. We did not have a shop or an office. We had no means to tell the home owner that we exist. They had no way to find out where we are.Because we are everywhere, and therefore we are nowhere
Fortunately we have an address now!

Just as you post your resumes on and companies pick you up for jobs. Post your accommodation requirements on and let the home owner find you.
The lottos that offers are just the icing on the cake. The real power of this address is that you become an elite member of an exclusive club.
You will create a profile which is permanent, all you have to do, to be seen by home owners is to log on and change your status to visible. When you have a place to stay, just a click makes you invisible to the Landlord, but your entity exists. Your power of expression exists.
United we stand, divided we fall. Imagine the collective power of the club. No need to hold rallies, no dharnas, no shouting slogans or chain fasts.
Express yourself through the blogs of
Create a critical mass, print it out and present it for encashment.
The more the members, the more the collective power.
Realize your potential through
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