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PanSec 09Booth No 69Mohni Sound TrackMohni 9814105147Smoke guns,disco lights,imported system from U.K. Group of four
ChaSec 30Block-C, SCF 57Bharat BandRam Phal 9888985798Brass band, White ghori,Rath,Palki,Jhumer light, Generator. Rate for 11 persons,light and sound- Rs.7500. Own conveyance
ChaSec 30Block-D, SCF 7Jai Hind BandJagdish Nagur 9316116893Aatishbazi band,Rath,Palki,Light,Generator.Only band- Rs.7500.Own conveyance
ChaSec 30Block-D, SCO 6New Azad Hind BandRajesh Nagur 9888257857, 9316001456Brass band, Ghori,Rath,Palki, Generator.Band- Rs.7500. Conveyance available 24 hours
PanSec 16SCO 194New Azad BandVinod Kumar 9814715171Chhattar,trolley,tubelight,palki buggi,DJ system
PanSec 16SCO 193, Cabin 5Durga BandDaya Ram 9872496977Members-Rate: 11-Rs7000, 15-Rs8000, 21-Rs10000. Ghori, Chhatar, lights
ChaSec 22Block-C, SCO 2926New Classic D.J.Manoj, Naveen All kinds of DJ lights, Disco lights, Dancing floor, all types of lighting effects
ChaSec 41Shop No.31Mohit BandRam Phal Chauhan Jhummer lights,baggi,jeep rath,troli,ghori.
ChaSec 22SCF 5Shastri BandRoop Lal 9815173762Jhummer lights, ghori, chattar,baggi.
ChaSec 29#1449/1A to Z DJ SystemSunil Kumar 9814037876Stage lights,OHM sounds,AV equipments.
ChaSec 38# 21,Vijay colony,DMCAhishek DJBalvinder Singh
ChaSec 23#3132Arya Light & Sound Services 9872001782Light,sound,flower decoration,fans.
Cha Shop No.8&10, Sarpanch market,BadheriBaljeet DJ,Light & Sound 9814230990
ChaSec 41# 480/1Bansal DJ & Sound ServiceAnil Bansal 9815711890
Beat N Boom 9417133298Special lights & sound system.
Bal Classic DJ & sound serviceJassi Dhaliwal 9417061358Ladies sangeet,dancing girls, smoke machines.
PanSec 15#435Dhadkan DJ SystemPushpinder Singh 9876000435
PanSec10#1070Dinesh Lights & DJ SystemDinesh Kumar 9888351029, 9988043145Corporate parties,dance parties,reception,marriage,farewell parties.
MohPhase 11# 813DJ Loch Computerised DJ music,dance floor,lights,smoke machine
MohPhase 7E-126,Industrial AreaElite DJ System 9815306023Special lights,sound effects,smoke machine.
ChaSec 32 Empire DJ & Musical GroupsAmit Singh Smoke effects,rythem remix,ladies sangeet,dancing girls.
Zir #148,T.Exchange colonyGolden DJ SystemBarinder Singh 9814683477
MohSec 70Shop no 7, MatourHi-Fi DJ System 9815588400
Sir Jassi Musical GroupJassi 9815399430
RamPhase 02# 1216JBL DJ SystemBaljit 9815729968, 9356185655Dancing floor,OHM sound,multimedia projector.
ChaSec 14# 141,Block BJhankar OrchestraBittu Kumar 9814522825, 9855660325, 985597Ladies sangeet,bhangra,gidha,western & classical dance.
ChaSec 22#1569Jolly DJDavinder Singh Kapoor 9316132610, 3010569
San Malwa light & DJ Sound 9815586331, 9814604615, 981413Punjabi bhangra,jago,giddha.
Cha Khuda Ali SherMani DJ SoundT.J.Singh Lightening floor
Kal Shop No. 3,Hindu school marketMayur DJ systemMunish Singla
Moon LightSubhash 9815660040, 9855349348
Pal Ram General Store,Village TewarNonu DJ & Sound System 9417307133Smoke machines,dance floors, dancers,lights,generator.
ChaSec 19Booth No.15Paras Music Dj SystemNarinder Kumar 9814125229
RamPhase 02#1405Pooja DJ System 9814194803
MohSec 68Village KumbraPrakash Sound & DJ System 9316139420, 9316014596Ladies sangeet,jagran,marriages.
ChaSec 18# 11Preet SoundJatinder Signh Kalia 9814044553
MohPhase 09# HE-2Prince DJ SystemSubhash Chand Sharma 9872614414Jagran,ladies sangeet,jago,bhangra,reception.
Zir Professional DJ SystemSunny 9814765694, 9814336518, 981434Dance floor, orchestra,DJ, jagran.
MohPhase 06#227Punjab DJ SystemVicky 9872409905, 9814009905
Rop #1696/3A,Gaushala road.Rangla Punab 9417444244, 9417244244
ChaSec 46Shop No. 128Rock N RollGurmeet Singh 9417021247Ladies sangeet,dancing girls,smoking machine.
MohPhase 3B2Shop 20Sachdeva light & sound serviceJ.Sachdeva 9814774033Smoke machines,dance floors,scanner lights,cassette recording.
ChaSec 20#2176Sahil Musical GroupSatish Kumar 9815006455
ChaSec 29#1493Sai Communications DJ & events 9317912354, 9888020047,9814707
PanSec 10#1057Saini DJ systemRavinder Singh 9872881139Dance floor,public address,jagran,golden darbars,religious functions.
ChaSec 41# 25Sonu DJ & Sound SystemSonu 9815372501
ChaSec 28#1132Sonu DJ SystemsKuldeep Sonu 9417351378Smoke machines,parking lights,projectors,dancers.
Pat Sony Computer DJ SystemParminder Saini 9814817446, 9876062056
ChaSec 24# 2295Star DJ & soundAnil Walia & Sunil Walia 5179809, 9815618839,
Sunny DJ 9888019844Road shows,live events,corporate functions,marriage parities.
PanSec 15#2078Surinder Billa & partySurinder Billa 94171196591, 9988043689Jagran & chowki.
PanSec 09Booth No. 119Tandon DJ SystemPardeep Tandon 9814969667Ladies sangeet,dancing floors,scanners.
ChaSec 41Shop 155/1VimsInderjit Saini 9417003007Round.oval & square dancing floors,smoke machine,bengali lights.
ChaSec 20#509VJ DJ SystemVijay Gupta LCD projector,P.A.system,podium stand.
ChaSec 30#1327/1VS DJSoni & Veenu 9417106060, 9814567016
ChaSec 24#2099 Gurdeep Singh 9815765564Jagran
ChaSec 45Shop No.1096Anil Sound ServiceKamal Kanojia Stereo recording,disco lights,jagran & other parties.
Cha Village DadumajraAvtar Sound ServiceAvtar Singh 9814015230Orchestra,jagran,sabhyacharak proggrammes.
ChaSec 27# 2669Chottu Sound ServiceChottu 9417506351Orchestra,jagran,stereo recording,
ChaSec 45Shop No.1755Dowson Music PointDilbagh 9814400240, 9888890240
ChaSec 32# 3107Gurudev Sound ServiceGurudev, Ramesh & Raj 9814411180, 9417350750, 991564Ladies sangeet,birthday parties,orcastra,jagran,kirtan.
MohPhase 02Madanpur chowkPunjabe DholiSohan Lal 9814426723Marriage programme,giddha,bhangra,military band.
ChaSec 22SCO 2443REC DJ System 9814297387LCD projector, dance troop, stage setup.
ChaSec 30Block-D, SCO 6The AzadRajesh Kumar Nagar,J.B.Nagar 9888011456, 9316001456Martin DJ
ChaSec 20Block-D, SCF 8Donza EnterprisesAjay Gupta 9888521275Specialised in all sizes of screens, DJ setup.Flooring
Lud-Vill.BaddowalHasda Punjab Pipe BandKuldeep Singh Baddowal 9814048346, 9814948346Marriages, Parties, Cultural Programme & Nagar Kirtanetc.
ChaSec 23Block-C, SCF 28Captain Brass BandSant Lal Dabla 9888775399Band, Ghori, Tube light, Special fancy light, Trolly, Palki baggi, Rath etc
ChaSec 23Block-C, SCF 29Krishna BandKrishan Kumar 9316099828Band, Tube lights, Fancy lights
ChaSec 23Block-C, SCF 27Punjab BandGirdhari Lal Chouhan 9815855689Band, Tube light, Fancy light, Trolley & Generator set
ChaSec 23Block-C, SCF 26Krishna Band 9316013083, 9815252240Band, Tube lights, Gamla light, Trolly
Cha23Block-C, Shed No 26Milan BandSatya Paul Gudial 9876665387Band, Tube light, Fancy, Disco lights, Trolly, Rath etc
ChaDadu Majra Colony#2923-2802Punjabi Dhol & Ghori Service Punjabi Dhol,ladies Sangeet with bolliyn.
Cha##Punjabi Dhol# 5144178Dhol
Cha##Ghori Booking# 5150742#
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