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Have you ever felt irksome about something not right in the city and not being able to do anything about it?
You must have of thought of writing an article in the newspaper but never get down to writing it because article need planning and time and convincing the editors to publish. Most of us neither have that kind of time or energy. Nor is the thorn so painful that it needs immediate action.
Your answer- A BLOG.
If something irks you, you will give it a heading and create a BLOG and depending upon the time available to you, narrate the pain whether in one line or ten.
There will be other people in the tricity who have similar pains. They too will contribute their tow lines of opinion on the topic. The momentum will grow and representation will rise.
At an appropriate time, this BLOG will be forwarded to the administration and remedy will be requested.
The power of the BLOG can be used to convince the administration of the tricity to provide either a facility or remove the thorn in our side.
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